Covid-19 Recommendations for In Person Meetings

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  • CDC/State/Local Health Department Guidelines are being followed 
  • Conference guidelines are being followed. 
  • Local Church Guidelines are being followed
  • Each Club Director should submit a meeting plan/Schedule to the Church Board (for insurance coverage purposes). This should include plans for sanitation. 

Meet as classes only (Friend, Companion, Busy Bee, Eager Beaver etc.

  • If you have a facility that allows for separate rooms multiple classes can meet at the same time but there should be no group gathering. 
  • Small classes (less than 5 members) can consider combining 2 classes. 
  • If you have access to only 1 room than classes will need to alternate when they meet. 
  • Size of room and ability to social distance should guide class sizes. For larger clubs this may require splitting classes into smaller groups. 

Outdoor activities/meetings are preferred where possible. (This is a great time to get that hiking honor.)

If meetings will be held offsite, i.e. park for hiking, pathfinders should be dropped off/picked up at the location by the parents.

  • There should not be any transportation provided by the club. 

Limit indoor meeting length to: 

  • Adventurers – 1 hr 
  • Pathfinders – 1.5 hrs 

Maintain 6 ft Social distancing. 

  • Consider increasing the number of adults to pathfinder ratio to assist with monitoring social distancing 
  • What to do if your space is limited.  Consider alternating weeks. Friends/Companions or Busy Bees/Sunbeams one week and Explorers/Rangers or Builders/Helping Hands the next etc. 
  • Stagger times – Friends/Companions or Busy Bees/Sunbeams 2-3:30 Explorers/Rangers or Builders/Helping Hands 4-5:30. 

Be sure to leave time between staggered groups for sanitation. 


  • Pathfinders:  At all times inside  Outside when social distancing cannot be maintained. 
  • Adventurers:  Consider masks for all Adventurers who will wear them. 3rd and 4th graders should be in masks. (This is consistent with school guidelines  Parents/Staff at all times.

No shared supplies. 

  • Ensure each pathfinder/Adventurer has their own supplies for classes honors/awards. 
  • Pathfinder/Adventurer Parents should be given a list of supplies their child needs to bring to each meeting. This list should include hand sanitizer and water bottles. 
  • If club would prefer to have the supplies for their members:  Consider thinks like condiment or portion cups to give pathfinders paint/glue etc.  Precut/package supplies for each pathfinder a few days in advance 
  • Consider not using the class books. Our focus is helping our youth to grow in their walk with Christ. Encourage discussion and other forms of participation to ensure they are completing the coursework. There is no requirement that the books be completed. The expectation is for the teacher to ensure that requirements are met. 

No shared food. 

  • If you want to provide a snack it should be prepacked items. No shared dishes of any kind or passing around a bag of candy etc. 

Who shouldn’t come: 

  • Anyone who is vulnerable 
  • Under the age of 2 
  • Anyone positive for Covid 19 should not return for 2 weeks 
  • Anyone who has traveled to a state currently on Ohio’s Travel advisory. May return after 2 weeks. 
  • Anyone with a temp of 100° or greater o Anyone who is feeling ill or has symptoms of Covid 19