Cub Camp - for ages 6-9


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Cub Camp is for kids ages 6-9 and is all about energy and fun! Cub campers (or Cubbies as we affectionately call them) get a little taste of everything by rotating through all of our activities with their cabin every day. Cubbies spend a lot of time with their cabin mates and counselors, giving them plenty of opportunity to learn about each other and about Jesus. We also play a lot of BIG Games as an entire camp, along with celebrating Barn Party and our exciting Pool Olympics!

Cost per camper:  $275

Pickup is on Saturday from 3pm - 5pm, for various reasons.

  1. It allows for staff to have an evening off. 
  2. It allows staff time to clean and prepare for the next group of campers. 

Registration opens March 1st!  Come back then and click HERE to register! 

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