Young Adult

What's New?

"Creating opportunities for young adults to connect with each other, and with Jesus"

We consider young adults to be between the ages of 18-35.  This includes college students, young graduates, and even married couples. 

Everybody is on a journey... but where is your journey taking you?  Closer to success (whatever that looks like), closer to stability, relationship, or Jesus?  And are you journeying alone... because we weren't meant to!  We were created for community!  So many changes take place during this stage of life.  Our desire is to reconnect... to connect you with a young adult community, and most imporantly, with GOD.  GOD is relevant, real, and ready for YOU!!!  Our desire is to help young adults experience this by any means possible.  This can happen through the community of a local church, in your state “area”, and in state wide events.  Our goal is to create fellowship, encourage worship, disciple, and provide opportunity for outreach.  Join the movement... join our community... come with us... as we go after a GOD, who came after us! 

Upcoming Events

November 10: Pinewood Derby
August 12 to August 17: Oshkosh Camporee