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The Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. It is a team-based challenge that tests the group's knowledge of sections of scripture. Each year a new block of scripture is assigned and excited Pathfinders commit to immersing themselves in those passages of God's Word. Then in February, after months of study, they gather together with other teams in their area to test their knowledge against a set of questions drawn from the scriptures they have been covering. If they answer a high enough percentage of the questions correctly, they advance to a conference-level event, then union-level, and finally a division-level event, typically held in April. Each team competes against a standard and all who perform to the designated percentage advance. Meeting together adds a sense of excitement and an additional level of adrenaline that spurs participants on to higher levels of recall. Yet any and all can advance, based solely on their efforts.

PBE Testing Levels

There are four levels of competition - Area, Conference, Union, and Division finale. The Pathfinders are tested over the assigned study books as well as the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction to each study book.

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Westlake Witnesses


They earned 1st place at the Union level and are now headed to the Division level competition in Greely, Colorado.

january 27, 2024
February 17, 2024
March 9, 2024
New Jersey
April 19-20, 2024
Greeley, CO 
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